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Legacy is a blockchain-based application allowing people to easily distribute assets upon their death or upon any set of verifiable events. The application integrates a variety of services that will be developed progressively as blockchain technology consolidates. This paper mainly describes Legacy’s initial releases, which allow the transfer of digital assets, such as images, videos and text documents. The application’s core functionalities will be initially developed on the Ethereum blockchain. These include a Proof of Life engine responsible for determining whether the user is alive or not, and a smart contract that manages user assets and schedules their distribution according to a given set of triggering events. Leveraging the unique characteristics of blockchain platforms, Legacy is designed to ensure security, reliability and long-term availability. Typical use cases include transfer of sensitive data (e.g., personal meaningful information), cryptocurrency holdings and confidential data such as online service credentials. In the long-term, Legacy expects to integrate smart property and other blockchain-based digital assets, as well as to provide a platform for peer-to-peer legal and technical assistance, thus becoming a next-generation smart-will solution.

At Legacy we are building a Proof of Life and Proof of Death engine. Learn more on our website

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Pourquoi il est urgent de penser à léguer sa vie numérique? via @FigaroTech @fchafiol

Dying husband left her house and car, but forgot the apple password. Think about your digital assets! via @ndtv

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